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American Honda Moriwaki Motorcycle Racing Leather Suit


  • Water-repellent 1.2 1.3 mm cowhide calfskin.
  • Extend amid fiber embed.
  • Settled inside poly-work fixing with stretch zones.
  • External: 100% Cowhide Leather
  • Inward: 100% Polyester
  • Specialized Solutions:
  • CE approved Removable shoulder, elbow, knee, back, hips and shin defenders.
  • Pocket for a new level 2 SOFTBACK PROTECTOR estimate 2.
  • Cowhide flex zones on shoulders, cutting edges, back of the midsection and legs.
  • Flex in fiber embeds on the arms, groin, and back of the knees.
  • Raise reflex additions.
  • Dashing back protuberance for enhanced, streamlined execution.
  • Antishock cushions on arms and sides.
  • 1 inward pocket.

Product Description:

This Leather Honda Racing Gear is designed with a robust and durable cowhide leather exterior, offering maximum protection on the track. American Honda Moriwaki Motorcycle Racing Leather Suit is lined with a comfortable polyester mesh that ensures comfort and security. Every vulnerable area has removable CE protectors, providing comprehensive coverage for the shoulders, knees, back, hips, and lower back. The Honda racing suit allows flexibility at the shoulder blades, allowing unrestricted movement during races. Moreover, the groin region has high-quality fabric to enhance durability. Additionally, shock-absorbing padding on the hips and arms seals the deal, offering enhanced impact resistance. Conquer the track confidently in the American Honda Moriwaki Motorcycle Racing Leather Suit. The Honda Repsol Gas Motorcycle suits, complete with sliders for added convenience. This moto gp race suit boasts an interior coast liner and soft padding strategically placed on the elbow and shoulder areas. These padding elements absorb shock and protect vulnerable parts of the body from potential injuries. The leather Honda racing gear features reflective stripes on the sleeves for enhanced visibility during nighttime rides. Available in bold colors like red and blue, the Honda Repsol Gas Motorcycle Jacket offers various men’s sizes.

About Us:

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