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Motorcycle Jacket made of Cowhide, Removable Lining, Color: Black/Red/Blue

  • Crafted with Split Cowhide therefor a bit more rugged and harder than normal cowhide
  • Numerous Protectors on Arms, Shoulders and Backfor substantial Safety, removeable!
  • Sewed in, quilted stuffing
  • 2 Pockets on the front: closed with a hidden zip
  • One Pocket on the inside
  • Jacket is being closed with velcro fasteners on the neck and bottom of the front-zip
  • Especially good fitting around the waist thanks to elastic material
  • Stylish design, multiple writings on the jacket “RACING”, “German Wear” + manufacturer-patches
  • Sleeves can be widened thanks to a zip on them, optimal to fit gloves beneath the jacket
  • Good, high quality padding
  • Very capable of withstanding in case of Slide-accidents
  • Designed and Produced by German Wear

Material Composition: 100% Leather


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