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Original Ducati Corse C6 leather jacket perforated


  • The garment focuses on both performance and aesthetics, inspired by the colors of the Ducati fairing in MotoGP.
  • The Ducati Corse C6 short jacket’s graphics emphasize Ducati’s red color scheme, combining burgundy red, neon red, and black.
  • Made of supple cowhide leather, the jacket ensures high abrasion and tear resistance.
  • The interior features a sweat and allergy-free Nanofeel® and 3D Bubble lining, maintaining body temperature.
  • Equipped with interchangeable aluminum shoulder plates and composite material elbow protectors.
  • Designed to accommodate a back protector for added safety.
  • Provides an excellent fit with S1 fabric on armholes and microstretch on the back.
  • Offers maximum comfort with a zip for attaching to compatible trousers.
  • Available only in men’s fit, with three variants of color combinations, including perforated and non-perforated options.
  • CE-approved armor.

Product Description:

Top performance with the exclusive Ducati Corse C6 short jacket with Aldo Drudi design, made exclusively for Dainese Ducati manufacturers. The Ducati Leather Jacket focuses on both performance and aesthetics, echoing the colors of the Ducati fairing that competes in the premier class of MotoGP.
Just like on the bike, the graphics of the Ducati Corse C6 short jacket have a use in which the combination of burgundy red, neon red, and black emphasizes, even more, the strong and daring Ducati red. Ducati Motorcycle Jacket outside, made of supple cowhide leather, guarantees high abrasion and tear resistance, while the sweat and allergy-free lining made of Nanofeel® and 3D Bubble sewn on the inside helps to maintain a constant body temperature.
The Ducati Riding Jacket has interchangeable aluminum plates on the shoulders and composite material protectors on the elbows. Ducati Leather Jacket is also designed for wearing the back protector.
Excellent fit thanks to the areas in S1 fabric on the armholes and microstretch on the back, as well as maximum comfort thanks to the zip that allows the Ducati Jacket to be attached to any trousers in the collection.
 Only available in the men’s fit in three variants with different color combinations and color coordination, perforated or non-perforated.

About Us:

With Leather Moto Jacket, you’re not just wearing a jacket; you’re embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the spirit of the open road and the thrill of the ride. Join us on this journey to elevate your riding experience with a leather jacket that embodies the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, style, and performance.



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