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Kawasaki Motorbike Ninja Leather Jacket for Women 


  • Thick Top-grain Cowhide Genuine Leather for excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Pre-curved sleeves for a smooth and comfortable riding position.
  • Genuine durable YKK zipper on Front, Cuffs, and Trouser Ankle to Shin.
  • External CE-approved knee Sliders.
  • Stretch Material is used in the crotch, behind Calf, and under sleeves for maximum stretch.
  • Velcro for attaching Knee Slider is sewn.
  • Dual stitched main seams for Excellent tear resistance

Product Description:

This ladies’ Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle Leather jacket features a timeless design with embroidered and printed logos, showcasing the iconic Kawasaki branding that signifies quality craftsmanship. Made from thick top-grain cowhide genuine leather, this kawasaki motorbike jacket offers excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring durability on the road.

The jacket has pre-curved sleeves for a smooth and comfortable riding experience, allowing for a natural riding position. The front, cuffs, and trouser ankle-to-shin areas have genuine durable YKK zippers, providing reliability and convenience.

To maximize flexibility and freedom of movement, stretch material is in the crotch, behind the Calf, and under the sleeves. This ensures optimal stretch and allows for easy maneuverability on your Kawasaki motorbike. This ninja motorcycle jacket also features dual-stitched main seams, ensuring excellent tear-resistance and durability.

Additionally, Women kawasaki motorbike jacket comes with external CE-approved knee sliders, adding an extra layer of protection during high-speed rides.

At Leather Moto Jackets, we take pride in our expertise in manufacturing leather clothing. We use Grade A quality leather and imported materials to produce our jackets. This commitment to quality ensures that our jackets are fashionable and built to last.

Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or a fashion-forward individual looking to make a statement, our Kawasaki Motorbike Ninja Leather Jacket for Women is the perfect choice.

Explore our extensive collection of leather jackets for men and women on our website. We offer a range of styles, including celebrity-inspired designs and classic motorcycle jackets. All our clothing is exceptional in design and offers a high-street slim fit. We use A-grade high-quality cowhide leather and top-quality soft sheep leather, guaranteeing a lifetime of enjoyment.


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