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Honda Racing Jacket for Men: Repsol Gas Motorbike Leather Jacket


  • Outer Shell: 1.2-1.3mm thick, high-quality Cowhide leather
  • Fixed mesh lining pockets for Armor
  • CE Armor jacket hanging on for optional use
  • Reflective stripe on the sleeve High Visibility
  • Button waist adjustment
  • Microfiber / Tricot-lined collar and cuffs
  • Digital logo Print
  • 3 External pockets 1 inside pocket
  • Double Layer Elbow and Shoulder skin for additional reinforcement.
  • Soft padded elbow and shoulder for comfort

Product Description:

Introducing the Honda Racing Jacket for Men: Repsol Gas Motorbike Leather Jacket, now available exclusively at This Honda motorcycle jacket is designed to fulfill the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts who crave both style and safety.

The Honda Racing Jacket for Men: Repsol Gas Motorbike Leather Jacket has all the necessary safety features to ensure your protection on the road. It features a CE armor hang, allowing you to customize your protection level. The jacket also includes a detachable polyester thermal waist coast liner and soft padding on the elbow and shoulder areas. These strategically placed paddings are designed to absorb shock and safeguard vulnerable parts of your body. Additionally, reflective stripes on the sleeve areas enhance visibility during nighttime rides.

Crafted from high-quality cowhide leather, the outer shell of this jacket is 1.2-1.3mm thick, ensuring durability and longevity. The fixed mesh lining pockets provide additional space for armor placement, and the button waist adjustment allows for a personalized fit. The microfiber/tricot-lined collar and cuffs offer added comfort, and the digital logo print adds a touch of style. You’ll have ample space for your belongings with three external pockets and one inside pocket. The double-layer elbow and shoulder skin provides extra reinforcement, while the soft padded elbow and shoulder areas offer comfort during long rides.

About Us:

At, we offer high-quality jacket Honda that exceed expectations. With over 20 years of experience, we are expert leather clothing manufacturers. Our products are made with great care and to the highest quality standards. We use grade A quality cowhide leather and top-quality materials to ensure our jackets are of exceptional design, high street slim fit, and built to last.

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