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Suzuki Motorcycle Racing Suits the GSXR Leather Edition


  • Made with real cowhide leather, this Suzuki Racing Suit is built to last, providing excellent resistance against abrasion.
  •  The GSXR Leather Edition features a new and tasteful style, catering to aesthetics and performance.
  • Equipped with CE-approved armor at shoulders, elbows, and knees, along with exterior metal shielding on the elbow.
  • Enhance your racing experience with specialized knee sliders designed for aggressive riding.
  • LeatherMotoJackets offers designing facilities for both men and women. Get your Suzuki Racing Suit customized with embroidered or printed logos.
  • Stay cool during intense rides with strategically placed ventilation zippers for airflow.
  •  These panels ensure added breathability, making the suit comfortable even during high-intensity races.
  • The soft and comfortable collars protect your neck while ensuring maximum comfort.
  • High-quality YKK zippers are used throughout the suit for durability and smooth functionality.
  • Add your name, choose your desired color for the bump and arm, and get a preview through a Photoshop design before confirmation.

Product Description:

We are excited to present the phenomenal Suzuki Motorcycle Racing Suits – The GSXR Leather Edition. Our Suzuki Racing Suit is the epitome of craftsmanship, bringing together high-performance materials with an impeccable style inspired by the racing legacy of Suzuki.

 Whether you’re an experienced racer or an enthusiastic rider, the GSXR Leather Edition Suzuki Riding Suit will keep you protected and stylish on and off the track. The Suzuki GSXR Leather Edition is not just a suit; it’s an investment in safety, performance, and style.

About Us:

LeatherMotoJackets, the one-stop-shop for all your Suzuki Leather Suits needs. Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate destination for high-quality and stylish motorcycle gear.

Our passion for motorcycles and commitment to excellence drives us to curate a diverse range of Suzuki Leather Suits that cater to every rider’s preferences. We understand that safety is paramount, and that’s why we source our leather suits from trusted manufacturers known for their exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials.

Embrace the speed with LeatherMotoJackets – your ultimate destination for high-quality Suzuki Leather Suits.


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